Time doesn't always repeat itself.

(originally posted October 9, 2009)

I receive emails from a fabulous parenting site: modernmom.com, and there is always a featured blog attached to the emails. And I have to say, each one is inspiring in it's own rite. However, today's was exceptional great. The blog was about making time for our kids and never using the phrase 'not now son.' The blogger was dead on and in one of the many comments following his post, someone said, "You can never give back the gift of time."

I've gotta admit that sentenced stopped me in my tracks. There have been nights when Caden's brought me a book immediately after I've put his little sister to bed and I've elected to ask him to just let me hold him for ahwile instead. Now I realize that it would have taken the same amount of energy to read to him. And it would have been good for both of us. Those are the moments where I've failed miserably in my quest to balance work and motherhood. I let him down because I was drained from my job and the first two hours of cooking, cleaning and playing at home.

So today's lesson is really something I need to give my children and not the other way around.