PERCH is a flexible-use space created to give people a creatively inspired space to work or host small events. It has the technology, equipment and space to serve those currently working out of their homes or on the road, giving them a place to be around others, collaborate or simply spread out. PERCH is also designed as an inviting, intimate space for small events, from bridal showers to small celebrations. Simply put, PERCH is a place to gather and be inspired.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Tina Stokes, Owner of Perch & Freelance Writer

My family relocated to Northeast Nebraska five years ago in search of the best possible environment for our children to thrive. I'm a creative, optimist, dreamer, and doer. And PERCH is my outlet. After working from our basement for three years, I realized my work could be better if I was surrounded by sunlight and other people. I believe that just being in the presence of others can inspire greater creativity and bigger thinking in your own work. I also believe in supporting our rural community and see PERCH as a solution for bringing people back to the area. I'm an example of someone who re-defined their success without sacrificing my chosen field. 

I have more than 16 years of experience in marketing. My background is copywriting and brand strategy and I work for an assortment of marketing firms, private businesses and charitable organizations. I'm also on a personal mission to make sure my children are exposed to and encouraged to pursue their creativity. Whether it be in graphic art, writing, building... whatever their interest, I hope PERCH and the work I do inspires them to follow their interests freely, without worry of judgement or failure. (Which also means I'm considering a youth program to help others bring a little more creative energy to their children's lives.)