Life's a race.

(originally posted October 5, 2009)


My daughter turned one this week, and I find myself picking up on all the other nearly one-year-olds who are walking. What's worse is that I also find myself feeling somehow disappointed that my child isn't 'mature enough' to be walking yet. Ask any proud parent and they'll boast how smart and how mature their baby is. I can't even count how many times I've heard it.

And because of it, I've always tried to stop myself from telling others or even my children sometimes how smart they are. It's not really about that. It's about our children achieving some level of success. They're learning and we should celebrate their accomplishments, not how much smarter or faster they are.

I also realized that the problem isn't that Cali can't walk; it's that she chooses not to. She's more interested in following her big brother all over. And she can just about keep up when she's on all fours. So I've decided to embrace the fact that my children love to play together and are more at peace when they're together than apart. Cali will walk when she's ready...and she'll probably just wait until she knows she can run.