Playing Santa is harder than you'd think.

(originally posted December 4, 2009)

Santa doesn't want cookies and milk. He wants donuts.

The moment I heard this from my four year old son, the warning signs should have appeared. It was the first of many conversations we've had on the subject. And with Christmas being another three weeks away, it won't be our last.

My son is in full 'I believe in Santa' mode, which I love and struggle with all at once. This is the first year I have to speak in code to my husband about gifts. I have to hide everything related to the holiday other than the tree...which my son now believes just having the tree up means that Santa is on his way TODAY. I have to buy a million different types of wrapping paper. And lock my bedroom door every time I'm in there.

The odd thing is, I'm not really complaining. It's actually kind of fun and I'm finding myself freaking out that he might find me out. Which ultimately is forcing me to become child-like. It's fun to play this game with him. And it makes me even more excited for the big day.