Not having a baby around is just as fun.

(originally posted November 6, 2009)

After my son officially became a 'little boy' I felt a little depressed. Then my daughter came and it was like a void was filled once again by a chubby, cuddly bundle. And as she's started growing out of the baby phase, instead of feeling depressed and having an urge to re-fill that void, I'm realizing it's just as fun...if not more fun...without a baby in my house.

I'm realizing how much easier it is to communicate. How my family is becoming more a team who relies on one another and not so focused on one single person in our home. My son helps me out with my daughter and he's starting to help around the house (with prodding).

In fact, the other morning he came into my room while I was getting ready for work and let me know that he had had an accident and that not only were his jammies wet but so was his bed and his favorite blanket. I have to admit, that eliminated any sort of grossness that comes with knowing your child had an accident that you have to clean up. We stripped his bedding together and he helped me load the washing machine.

It's the little every day moments with him that make me appreciate him and celebrate his growth. Looking back I realize that in some small way I may have been holding our family back from really charishing each stage of our growth. I'm sure I'll still take it for granted. I'm sure I'll see babies and want to hold them close.

But at the end of the day, I look forward to seeing what my children have accomplished or are working to accomplish even more.