So connected yet so disconnected.

Much of my career as a freelance writer is spent staring at a computer screen. When I go home, I spend part of the night staring at my phone screen. And at night, I often end the day by staring at my iPad screen filled with Pinterest ideas. All this staring has me thinking: no wonder it's difficult to get ideas off the ground when everybody's so busy staring at screens!

I started PERCH for a few reasons: 1. I had outgrown our basement, 2. I was tired of only speaking to a dog all day, 3. I believe great ideas and creativity exist in rural Nebraska and I wanted a way to help bring them to the surface.

I've accomplished the first two reasons but this third has me feeling a little overwhelmed. I realize coworking is a fairly new concept in this area. I also realize it can be hard to try something new. So here's the deal: I believe there is good in the world. I believe creativity is bubbling up all over and just needs to be let out. And I believe PERCH is a place where the two can live happily together. So I'm trying an experiment with my pricing structure. From July 1 - August 31 this year, anyone who comes to PERCH to work, be creative or host a meeting can do it on a donation-based pricing scale. Think about what the space is worth to you and pay that price. If it has fueled your ideas, collaboration or work in general, put a price on that. Pay that. Nothing more. 

What do you get for your Pay-What-You-Want time at PERCH? I'll give you WiFi, coffee (or tea or water) and snacks. I'll give you a place to sit, plug in and recharge. Seems like a good deal, right? So come in and try it out for yourself.