We're all about "me" from Day One.

(originally posted September 17, 2009)

My daughter, Cali (pronounced Callie), is eleven months old. She has just started holding her own bottle. If you're a parent you understand that she developed the strength and skills to hold her bottle weeks, if not months, ago. But she prefers having someone else do the work. She does this strange little hand jive while she's drinking...must be soothing. Anyway, this certain level of laziness or selfishness is comical to me. More so when I've handed her a bottle without warming it first. She won't eat. She may be starving. And she loves milk more than anything in the world. But she will not drink if it's straight outta the fridge-even if I'm holding it.

In fact, earlier this week she flung an entire bottle across the kitchen in disgust. If babies can give parents death stares, I'm pretty sure I got one. So I've learned that to keep the peace at dinner time (because she also insists on sitting with the family at dinner time regardless of when she ate last) I have to warm up her bottle and just pray that she chooses to feed herself...which could be my 'all about me' moment when I just want to eat a meal without getting up eight times or feeding multiple people simultaneously.

Looks like selfishness begins at the womb in addition to the urge to cheat (see previous post).