At the age of 3, we dream of being 16

(originally posted September 9, 2009)

When my son began asking if he could play baseball every single time we drive by the ball fields in our small town, I didn't really think much of it. But when we drove by a local high school a few weeks ago and he asked when he could go to high school, it dawned on me that he's already wishing he was an adult, or getting close to being one. When I tried to explain that he needed to wait until he's as big as his half-sister, Mariah (who's 16), he crossed his arms, stuck out his lip...keep in mind this kid's in a booster seat and his little legs are dangling a good 16 inches from the ground...and said, "But I never get to go to high school."


And between chuckles to myself, I looked at him in the rearview mirror and my heart broke a little that day. Is it society or something he learned at school or some desire that's implanted at conception that made this three year old crave to be older? Why can't he just stay focused on his Hot Wheel-centric life? Seriously, wouldn't life be a heck of a lot happier and less stressful if all we had to worry about was whether or not we would be going into town after day care to get a new toy? And who wants to be a teen all over again. That's just crazy...even for a toddler.