Finding Balance

I have done a terrible job advertising PERCH. The worst part is, I have a degree in advertising... But I'm struggling with work-life balance. A large part of why we moved back to a rural area was so that I could have more time being a mother and spend less time at an office. I actually had that down pretty good until we decided to purchase this property and create PERCH. And it's making me feel like a massive failure.

I believe we can have it all... the dream career, the tight family. But there are more days that I feel like I have to choose between the two than not. And I get angry at myself for feeling like my career needs to be this big shiny thing in order for me to feel successful in life. I really doubt that on my death bed people are going to say, "wow, now that lady was super successful." What I really hope people say is, "wow, she and her husband raised some pretty terrific kids... they really seemed to enjoy life."

I stumbled on this blog entry today and felt the need to share it. I think we could all be reminded a little more that we're worth it. What we do is worth it. Remember the big picture. That's what matters. Give it a read and there's a good chance you'll feel a little better about being a struggling parent.